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A little bit about East Midtown and Chelsea: Route 3

1.Start the day with the art — visit the Metropolitan or the Guggenheim Museum.




We didn’t manage to visit any of them except souvenir shops. In the day planned especially for the museums art has given way to simple 'vagrancy’ on the streets. But judging by the range in the shops it’s better to go the Met. It has everything — from the Egyptian temples to American painting — so it will take a couple of hours for sure.


Then reach again Times Square and go towards the Chrysler Building.

2. Central Station

Probably Grand Central Terminal would have stayed away from the routes if not a symbolic scene from the movie 'Mr. Nobody' in which two main heroes suddenly meet in the crowd of running on their business people. I really wanted to find out whether there are so many people and so much light.


It turned out that yes. Outside stone building differs from the others similar by the sculpture 'Triumph of commerce' with the ancient gods Mercury, Hercules and Minerva patronizing cluttering 42nd Avenue. But inside there is a very different world. The main hall takes the breath away — there is so much air and through for the huge stained glasses it seems that the sun is constantly shining. There are a lot of people but they are not in a hurry. They are standing and listening to the era when trains were still made of wood and even a short trip was turning into a whole journey filled with its special romance.



3. Chrysler Building and the Empire State Building

Not far from the train station there is a 77-storey sample of Art Deco and Gothic fusion — Chrysler Building. Not being able to compete with such car empires as Ford and General Motors Walter Chrysler decided to beat them at least in a building owned by the company. Boys are such boys.

And this 56-meter spire and terraced steel arches sometimes are recognized even better than the smooth walls of the Empire State Building. But the observation deck of King Kong movie star definitely worth a visit.


4. Flatiron Building

Another city’s creation in the style of Beaux-Arts — 'Iron House'.


Compared with the surrounding fat houses this building looks like a piece of paper which is about to bend under its own weight. The strength of the structure can be examined in the gallery on the first floor.

5. Chelsea Market

Until the 1990s famous Oreo cookies were produced here but today the former factory is a complex of offices, headquarters and a gallery with food stalls and designer shops. If you want to buy something original and not from China and to eat something cheap but tasty then this is the first place you should visit.

6. Highline

Near the exit from the factory one can find steps leading to another attraction of the city famous from 2009 — High Line Park.

From 1930 to 1980 passing through the largest industrial area of Manhattan this railway was actively used for freight traffic. With the development of road transport rail road was closed. But thanks to activists it has become not only a vivid example of urban spaces greening but also socially important object ennobling bad area of the city.


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