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A little bit about energy 'thrombus': Thai massage

One of the really cool things that is worth trying in Thailand is Thai massage. The good thing is that you can take advantage of this opportunity literally at every step. On the island of Koh Lipe the main entertainment artery — The Walking Street — is literally crammed with massage salons. Squeaky calls -'Thai Massage'- of sun-thawed Thai woman with a special stretching of the last letter A turn into a baton passed along the street. But the supply greatly exaggerates the demand so most of the salons are empty. The same can be told about Bangkok.

And the presence of such a large number of options and a variety of services can still create some difficulties. Which salon to choose, where is better, where is worse. How to determine the level of masseuse skills. All this can be quite problematic. Who knows how and where these masseuses were trained on the island. Maybe at home in the evenings her grandmother taught her for purely recreational purposes. Or maybe this is her third massage in her whole life. And you start to wonder if they can actually damage or even break something...


After all Thai massage is not just muscle stroking. There you are twisted and stretched and crunch in places in which you simply did not expect. It is an art with a thousand-year history but only with proper skill it can heal. Besides it’s not only the body but also the energy flowing through it is involved into the process.

As you know the basis of Thai massage is pressing on the acupuncture points through which the vital energy of prana flows. In our energy body there are about 7200 such points and in spite of the fact that the Thais have chosen only 10 of them even this gives a serious effect. The idea is simple enough. If we are sick physically or psychologically according to Eastern philosophy this means that something has slammed down the channel through which energy is circulating. Therefore if you massage this 'thrombus' the problems will disappear. Everything is logical and for 2500 years this method has not lost its effectiveness.

Today one of the leading centers of Thai massage in Thailand is the training center at the monastery of Wat Pho. In the early days all the secrets and techniques of Thai massage were transmitted orally. There were only a few works describing the main energy lines and methods of therapy but they were eventually lost. Therefore in 1832 Rama 3 ordered to cut all the surviving texts and pictures on stone. Well that would be decently for ages. This stone pages were placed in the temple of the Reclining Buddha.

Today even a foreigner can learn Thai massage there. But this process will take a lot of time. Because it's one thing to learn to stamp out and knead the physical body and quite another to reach out to the energy body. A really good Thai masseur should be able to feel his client, his condition and how his prana flows. In fact for a while participants should form an energy link.


That's why I started to have questions about injuries after I left my first classic Thai massage. As at some moments it was more like an execution rather than a massage on which you supposedly should relax. And you lie and think maybe it's conceived. As it turned out no.

Massage of the feet turned out to be much more pleasant and at some point through a relaxed slumber all of a sudden it all seemed so unreal and beautiful — bubbling water of artificially waterfall behind, the smell of incense, the warmth of a soft rug, the quiet whispering of masseuses. In general if you look at people who are doing foot massage they are like cats that have eaten a lot of valerian. They no longer hold their posture and clumsily rolled into the embrace of soft armchairs. There is ecstasy on their faces.

But if you find a really good master of Thai massage then you can go straight to heaven. And I was lucky. For the entire session I had no chance to grimace from unpleasant sensations. Each pressure had an ideally verified power. Each twisting and stretching released the accumulated tension. And while the body relaxed almost to numbness consciousness slowly rose through the roof of the cabin, through clouds, over the island, over Thailand, over Asia, through the stratosphere, past satellites, and now the blue ball of such a defenseless Earth is visible. By the moon, then Mars, here are the rings of Saturn, the neon Uranus, and the Solar system dissolves in an icy void. And so it would fly on but the persistent voice calling 'ma'am, ma'am' returns to the soft snow-white table wrapped in the smell of jasmine.


After the session sipping hot tea of a wooden apple and quietly returning to this world you feel absolute relaxation and beating out of all cracks desire to do something at the same time. And at the level of the solar plexus the tickling streams of energy twist. Probably this is how the 'thrombus' is broken.

Have a good day, MarrySav!)

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