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A little bit about EXPO-2015: it's easier to visit the country itself than to wait in the queue

Once upon a time somewhere in 2013 when looking through the National Geographic magazine I came across an article about the World Expo event  which takes place in different parts of the world. Photos were filled with crowds of people in kilometer-long queues and unusual buildings. And the little note in the corner of the page stated that the next global exhibition is not far off and will be held in 2015 in Milan. It’s quite realizable I thought then and even created a sticker on the computers desktop. Well «Less talk – more action». So today we're going to EXPO- 2015 in Milan.

Feelings about this large-scale event were quite mixed. On the one hand, it's like a huge playground — so many buildings, pavilions and all these colorful, unusual shapes and sizes, wood, straw, metal. Here and there songs are heard in all the languages ​​of the world. Every free corner is busy with installation, sculpture and photographs. And this vortex takes you away from the first steps – you  want to be everywhere at once because something is happening all the time.

Mind goes crazy from both opportunities to see something new and overwhelming panic  not to catch something interesting.

And on that level of adrenaline one can gallop even a couple of hours forgetting about food and water.

But when the battery starts to weaken then the second reality opens. The reality of the huge just huge anthill of people. They are not just a lot, they are just everywhere, every free point is occupied by a man. And most interesting is that despite the fact that there are so many “tasty” things around it would take you an hour to get at least into one pavilion. Although first one needs to find at least the end of the queue which is lost somewhere in the belly of this huge monster. And while you sit on the stairs and chew so hard-obtained sandwich watching the moving body of the monster called queue you realize that it's just not moving at all. People were in one place and they are on the same one in half of an hour and on confusion in the eyes of standing it can be assumed that they have already forgotten where and why they are so going. And then comes understanding that it is easier to fly to this country than to stand this 300 meters like this poor people.

At the end of the day it’s possible to get in a couple of small pavilions and a strong feeling that you are being fooled increases. Many hours of standing just to see the seeds in a beautiful box, national dolls, and a 2-minute video ... For this? Mass insanity is obvious).

In general EXPO is cool but only on a weekday. But even cooler is to visit the country itself and not it’s small dry representatives in even small pavilions.

Have a good day, MarrySav!)

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