Tollwood festival in München, Germany
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A little bit about festivals: Tollwood in Munich

What Germans really love is to make festivals. Every half of the year they necessarily organize some ‘drive’. Whether it's the famous Oktoberfest, Christmas markets or  just small 2-day festivals. But not everybody knows that every summer and winter for almost a month in Munich there is Tolwood festival.


In 1988 activists decided to make a party where art and tasty food will be combined. And the idea justified itself for 100%. Today Tolwood is as known in Europe as Oktoberfest is known all over the world. Famous performers come from all over the world. It was here that I was lucky enough to see the funny ‘ZZ Top’ bearded old guys.


In summer the festival takes place near the Olympic Park and in the winter it is on the meadow of Theresa, which is drawing in bear in autumn. What are the three main components of the festival: delicious food, interesting souvenirs and concerts almost every evening. The main part is occupied of course by souvenir tents.


Here you can find things from India, Thailand and other Asian countries. There are giant white tents in the bowels of which you can get lost or get a heart attack from such a variety of things and handicrafts. Most of the sellers are local handmade masters and their stuff is of course very different from the things of mass production which sometimes are trying so hard to looks as manual work.


The summer holiday is a bit different from the winter one as it seemed more homely like just some local holiday.  And in winter as it passes just during the Christmas holidays it attracts a large flow of tourists. Well but in frosty weather it's so nice to drink some hot mulled wine. Here it is cooked really well.

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