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A little bit about flying animals: the Museum of Natural Sciences in Brussels

Brussels Museum of Natural Sciences can boast of a lot: exhibits from the first forms of life on Earth to its modern species; tall skeletons of ancient creatures and dummies of current pets.

Huge rooms filled with abutting the ceiling yellow skeleton of dinosaurs. It seems that the walls are just about to reflect easily recognizable roar of a Tirex. In the next room over the heads of more familiar animals sea creatures are floating.

Hundreds of butterflies immured in glass boxes. Thousands of insects pinned to the almost invisible needles.

But this is permanent exhibition I was also lucky to visit the exposure WoW — Wonders of Wildlife. Frozen in time and space beasts may not always graceful but still impressive as if you look at the 3D picture.

Particularly striking is a flock of bursting wild mountain goats — strange medley of horns, hooves and fur twisted in an orderly tangle. You look in my eyes and it seems that the living animal is frozen in the air.

And of course human.

Have a good day, MarrySav!)

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