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A little bit about flying island: Kastellet fortress in Copenhagen

Fortress Kastellet is located almost in the center of Copenhagen. It played an important defensive role when the British bombed the city.  The main firepower was based here. The fortress is perfect for long sieges so not surprising that the Germans chose it as headquarters during the Second World War.



There is an old mill on the nose the proper five-pointed star. It is like a ships rostrum proudly risign up and still ready for any battle even though the ship is no longer battle one. And the Citadel itself is hanging in the air like a giant island of Laputa. The surrounding castle dike steals space separating the floating island from the solid ground.



Fixed water mirrors the sky turning from an ordinary river into the fall where somewhere far down there behind the clouds the solid land is hidden. And at this height so very close to you a huge green island is floating.


And it is still inhabited. Inside in the bright red barracks still live the soldiers. They carry their service almost invisible among the crowds of tourists while they run through the island in search of the Little Mermaid. They do not notice that they walk in thousands of meters above the ground while passing two small bridges so that in the next moment step exactly on it.


And the Little Mermaid is already waiting for us!


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