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A little bit about Gotham: Chicago at night

I do not know how it is in the comics and movies but as for me the real Gotham City is hidden the City of Winds Chicago. Impregnated with its industrial past his dark entity goes out for a walk exactly at the night time.


The outlines of skyscrapers are blended with the darkness of the night sky and only immovable lights of glowing windows do not allow them to completely dissolve in this vast emptiness. The city is almost silent; his inner rumbling is only sometimes interrupted by sharp whistles of impatient drivers.

The soft rustle of the camera and the picture shows a different world. Skyscrapers become black, bottomless, architecturally verified holes that study you with thousands of blinding eye.

The sky over these concrete idols is painted with dull brown splashes, the echoes of the great fire. As if the picture showed the invisible to the eye ghost of the bygone times.


Megapolis is still burning every night in his own fire so that in the morning to substitute his gray soot side to the rising sun. Gotham should be like that — dark and sulky at night and industrial and metallic in daylight.

Have a good day, MarrySav!

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