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 A little bit about Greece: crunchy Athens

With only one day available in Athens where will you go? The answer is obvious — the Acropolis.

Walking among the sun-bleached ruins it was easy to imagine the full scope of all passed centuries that the temple, now standing shrouded in modern scaffolding, has observed. Having become yellow because of the millennial heat marble columns are slowly covering themselves in smells of passing years like wood increasing its rings. But despite spilled around the hill boiling town Acropolis is alienated in his silence almost dissolving into a mirage. And while the Parthenon is sleeping Caryatids are lazily watching the rustling metropolis spilling slowly into oblivion.

Athens is like a termite mound made of clay, hard and crunchy from the soaked heat.

City spreads to the horizon like a cream-brick sea licking the foot of green hills. And the feeling that everything is filled with sand — houses, people, trees, air. And if you sit still you can see how the sand dust slowly settles on clothing and skin as if trying to absorb the foreign object, turn it into a part of the overall body. And so you are walking down the streets, inhaling the hot grains and feeling the taste of the city on the teeth.

To be continued...

Have a good day, MarrySav!)

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