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A little bit about happy poverty: people of Thailand

The first thing that usually travelers who returned from Asia discuss is not temples or architecture, but people. How incomprehensibly happy and relaxed they are in comparison to Westerners. How they enjoy every moment of their existence and do not rush anywhere despite the fact that they have very little. And indeed it is. But is this really so utopian as it seems from the outside?


Every morning already narrow streets of the Bangkok are filled with tents and benches of street vendors. Some lay out their precious goods right on the sidewalk. And then they wait half-asleep until someone buys their useless Chinese trinkets. Waiting goes beyond a few hours and spills into days. But there is nowhere to hurry.


Squeezing among these mini markets and the mountains of unnecessary junk you suddenly understand the degree of their poverty. They are really poor. How can these several hundred bahts provide them with a worthy existence?


Of course there are people with good material wealth but they do not sell tasteless souvenirs on the streets. They move in their own cars with air conditioning. And despite the hard traffic congestion there are still not a lot of those ‘rich’ people compared to an endless series of street 'businessmen'.


And it’s not always you can see happiness in their eyes. Exhausted by the heat Thai masseuses sitting near salons do not seem peaceful. Barkers on tuk-tuks are not always friendly but only slyly polite. And ordinary passers-by in alienated masks do not greatly enjoy life here and now. All of them were more like people who resigned themselves to their destiny. Maybe the next one is more lucky.


But everything is not so bad. This is a metropolis. There is it’s own law and the rhythm of life. Those relaxed and enjoying life people can be found. But for that one need to go to the villages and to the islands. It is there where they are padded and caressed by the sun.

On the archipelagoes lost in the seas they are really friendly and joyfully greet you wanting to receive back only a smile. The inhabitants of the islands are unhurried and blissfully relish every moment and every action. Like cats and dogs scattered all over the island they bask in the sun in their small cafes, shops and benches with fruit, on homemade tuk-tuks and traditional wooden boats, in hammocks and plastic white chairs.

They absorb the rays of the sun, grinding them into all-consuming joy and love of life. Here you can believe that they are happy.


Have a good day, MarrySav!)

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