Hoover Dam, the Black Canyon, Colorado River, Las Vegas, USA
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A little bit about Hoover Dam: Game vs. Reality

For the first time I learned about Hoover Dam surprisingly from the game Fallout. It immerses the player into a post apocalyptic world where you can move freely in all directions around the wastelands of Las Vegas. So walking along the dusty almost deserted but a very dangerous world of the Mojave Desert I came across what later turned out to be one of the most famous and technically complex engineering structures of our world.


Even while sitting in front of the monitor one can feel the searing heat mastering in this place. Virtual picture of the Dam was overflowed with all shades of terracotta and ocher. All graphics was literally screaming about the wild heat. And the reality was not far from the game world.


This was the first point to stop after leaving Las Vegas. And even being mentally preparing beforehand to the Death Valley for example and already knowing what to expect the first time opened the door of the card you will immediately slam it back.

The heat is unbearable. The sun literally roasts you alive. Surrounding the Dam Black Canyon is overheated and almost crumbling into the Colorado River separating two states — Arizona and Nevada.

Going through the same route as in the game feels like in the endless déjà vu. Yes you have been here. The same ocher slabs under your feet, the same gigantic cleft, and the same blue clock on the towers. It's a pity you cannot come down into their dark corridors — there is where virtual world overcomes the real one.



Because down there it is for sure cool and wet. The soft rumbling of 17 running generators is spreading along the rooms. The triumph of human engineering is unceasingly digestsing the Colorado water to give its creators energy that is being spread on the good half of the west coast.

Only metal and 6 million tons of concrete were able to tame once turbulent flow of the river. Now it’s running through the tunnels in the rocks skirting the body of the Dam, being deprived of even a ghostly chance to somehow destroy the established order.


It is possible to observe the while Hover Dam from the Memorial Bridgeof Mike O'Kallagana- Pat Tillman built in the year 2010. It is a long name for a fairly simple bridge. It was built only in order to increase the capacity of Highway 9, which previously went just over the Dam. But now one can admire the terracotta dam from the height of 271 meter. Why not…


Another very beautiful view of Lake Mead near the dam. You can easily reach it following the signs Lake Mead — Lakeview Overlook.



And very soon we will arrive to the Grand Canyon!!)

Have a good day, MarrySav!)

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