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A little bit about Kotor: the guardian of the bay

If you google Montenegro the first picture you will get is the view of the bay from the Kotor fortress. But that's just no one mentions that in order to see this kind of view one need to walk a few hundred steps up (but it seems that the count  was for the thousands) with the sun heating the crown of your head, with halfway warm water ... all in all, hehey, great fun!

But as with all ascents it is certainly worth it. You begin to understand it when the red roofs of the old city gradually go down more and more revealing slopes gently flowing into the waters of the bay. After reaching to the top people almost congratulate each other on the ascent and take their seats on warm slabs of the fortress spreading with exhaustion.

But the stone guardian of the bay rewards every traveler with energy amassed during the day for the way back down.

And down there cool labyrinth of the Kotor old town is waiting. It is unremarkable but sweet like all old towns with their twilight rough wall streets when the sun warms only the tops of buildings sometimes not even reaching cold paving.

Have a good day, MarrySav!)

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