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A little bit about Las Vegas: the fruitful valley

In 1829 caravan through entered the desert in Nevada aiming at the direction of Los Angeles. And as it usually happens in the desert of course they got lost. But they were more fortunate than the travelers in the Death Valley — people came upon a small oasis where they even managed to find some water. In gratitude the Oasis got its name — Las Vegas, which in Spanish means «fruitful valley.»


And they were not mistaken because these lands were truly fertile though not on the greenery which grows out of the ground. Everyone knows Las Vegas: bright spot in the middle of the Mojave which can be seen from space; the city of  merriment and million-dollar losses; the city of Ocean’s friends; the city that appeared only a century ago in 1905 but has already become an appellative.



From the very beginning Las Vegas was not even trying to be a good boy building gambling houses and saloons impregnated with cigarettes and alcohol.

After World War II it attracted the Mafia. The brainchild of their mutual love was the hotel «Famingo» in the courtyard of which one can still enjoy pale pink birds. Then there were other children -Hotel Sahara, Tropicana, Riviera. In the 60’s Las Vegas got a new patron — an eccentric American millionaire Howard Hughes. He appeared to have more money than mafia and so he bought almost half of the city making it more respectable.


When in the 70s people had enough of blood stirring entertainment the Era of Mega Hotels began. The first such hotel was built in 1989 and received a very telling title 'Mirage'. From that time it happened that if to build a hotel then at least with the Eiffel tower in the back yard.


Morning in the chic room of Stratosphere was filled with anticipation as if today it is the new years eve and one can open presents finally. Ahead there are 2 days in one of the largest city of entertainment in the world — a huge amusement park for adults which is about to open its doors. Well the end of the day brought very disappointing conclusions and the park appeared to be not so innocent.


Tourist part of the city is just one long street — Strip — running from north to south compressed from both sides by a fence of different-sized hotels. And in the middle of Las Vegas Boulevard is already starting to stir from slot machines and shop windows. In fact there is nothing here besides that. Noisy games rooms flow into a giant shopping malls the shining pomposity of which causes tears. And it’s all like that from Mandalay Bay to the very Stratosphere.




And if at first the idea of the Eiffel Tower, the Campanile of St Mark's Cathedral, Greek columns and skyscrapers of New York being separated by 500 meters was funny, when finally getting to them the charm disappears. The principle itself suddenly becomes incredibly disgusting.


Maybe creators did not mean anything bad and just wanted to impress and attract their guests. But it resulted in something like: 'Here's Eiffel tower, here's canals and gondolas, here's skyscrapers, here's colonnade – that’s all, you just saw the world, you just visited Paris, Venice, New York, Athens, you are great'.

There is a strong feeling of pity to the poor souls who are fooled by these plastic models of real life believing that this is the way the reality is. All this reminded me EXPO in Milano where people were standing in three-hour lines to 'visit' distant country. Or maybe on the other hand I just take everything too seriously not catching element of the game.


But what is really worth seeing is the dancing fountains at Bellagio:

It is said that what happened in Las Vegas stays in Las Vegas. Well from us he got only 15 dollars voluntarily given to the one-handed bandit.


And a small test just for fun) In the next post i will tell a little bit about every hotel! Enjoy!)

Have a good day, MarrySav!)

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