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A little bit about loneliness: sad Little Mermaid

Somehow we all know the Little Mermaid. But no matter how hard Disney wants to put in our minds sugary colorful story the original tale by Danish writer Anderson is far from rosy happy-ends.


Installed on the waterfront Langelinie in 1913 the Little Mermaid statue immediately become the symbol of Copenhagen. Perhaps Carl Jacobsen who had the idea to create the statue just wanted to pay tribute to the writer and the story itself. Inspired by the ballet with the same name he even asked the prima ballerina to pose for a statue. Great idea but such a sad end.


The modern world is cruel and it expounded the sorrow of poor girl on thousands of postcards, magnets and key chains.

Drooping Mermaid sits and stares gloomily into the distance while the crowd of 'civilized' tourists try to climb on it for the better selfie.

They are swarming around her, hugging and enthusiastically grimacing at the cameras. In fact they don’t care much about the background as only the act itself is important.


And the mermaid would be screaming in pain if only could move her mouth. What is she doing here, against the factory pipes and gray gulf? Mockery of humanity. Fun for the crowd. It is imbued with sadness and loneliness firmly anchored on its stone monuments. It is better like a fairy tale to turn into sea foam rather than being stuck in this mocking prison.


How many times her head and hands were taken away.  How many times she was smeared with paint. Why such an aggression against a seemingly ordinary statue?

Maybe this is not vandalism but unconscious acts of compassion for this unfortunate creature. Maybe they are trying to hurt her so badly without possibility to be restored so that exhausted Mermaid finally can rest in peace.


Have a good day, MarrySav!)

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