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A little bit about Lower Manhattan and financial district: Route 2

Finally reaching Brooklyn in more than an hour from Harlem we finally got the possibility to start another little journey through the stone maze.

1.Brooklyn Bridge.

Here he is – the bridge that knows the whole world. Nothing else to say – just go and enjoy.


2. World Trade Center

After crossing the gulf head to the memorial of September 11th. The view is impressive — two huge, dark even in the daylight pits quaffing streams of thousands tears drops. But life goes on and nearby there is already a new World Trade Center 1or the «Freedom Tower.» Let us rise to the very top.


But before grab some snack at the food court  Le Destrict in the nearby shopping center across the street.


3. Wall Street

Approaching the financial center there are more and more busily running people in suits. Not women or men but exactly people because it is impossible to give another name to these financial martyrs.

The street is boiling, everybody is so busy and do not raise the nose from the charts on their iPads and phones. Even while chewing long sandwich with mozzarella and tomatoes on the steps of Federal Hall the money 'wolf' continues to consider profits and losses. And it so symbolic that the financial cent is located at the very beginning of the island — as the nose of the icebreaker they break through the road to the whole nation...



Have a good day, MarrySav!)

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