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A little bit about Malta: first acquaintance

So after 2 flights and night in a luxury hotel in Istanbul in the porthole window the vague outlines of the rocky island starts to appear in the sea haze. The land, the land! Most of the island is covered with low sand houses like a soft carpet wrapping this huge cobble that it seems it will spring under the weight of the landing air giant.


The first impression island produces not by its sandy beaches and rocky coastline but by its traffic. But how it is the ride with left-hand traffic I will tell you a little bit later). For now having reached the town of Bugibba at the northern part of the island and having exhaled finally it was time to enjoy the warm sun and soft sand.

The sun was quite scorching but it was exactly this type of weather when it s burning and blinding mercilessly but the jacket can’t be removed as you will freeze at once. Because there is the wind and it’s only +16 so that the soft sticking to the wet bottom sand had to be forgotten.

Bugibba itself is almost unremarkable, like all seashore towns it carefully props up the sea with its many-eyed hotels resisting its cold.

Clear water is colored in all shades of frozen ice that is melting a bit coming into the contact with the heated surface of the rocks. They also surely feel this dissonance of freezing hell when the upper layer is incandescent but a couple of millimeters below it coolness is rolling.Malta457

At the end of the day the sun is softened, it finally begins to envelop into the warmed air. The sea darkens and may allow come closer at least to moisten the feet. And someone just give a bathe to their horse...

Have a good day, MarrySav!)

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