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A little bit about Malta: the bald island

After a few days on the island when an acute shortage of greenery and forests in particular starts to appear you realize that Malta in fact is a huge exposed cobblestone in the sea.

The only real wood has been met only on their vast cemetery. The island is exposed and vulnerable to the burning sun and all salty winds and storms of the sea. And only scaly patches of the greens that managed to survive in such harsh conditions huddle on its rocks. But these parched cliffs are incredibly beautiful.


As if in contrast to the eastern part of the island which is slowly absorbed by the sand cities east coast is almost not touched by the civilization. Here the smooth coast line drifting slowly under the hissing waves is transforming into the white craggy cliffs. You come to the edge expecting to see the precipice but instead there is an almost vertical valley crawling to the blue surface.

A further on monolithic slopes molder into the sea with sharp boulders framing viscous sands of trampled beaches. Even while driving dozens of meters from the cliff there is still a slight excitement — what is there behind this uneven strip of suddenly disappearing land?


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