American Museum of Natural History, New York City, USA
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A little bit about millions of artifacts: the American Museum of Natural History

Once in the distant 1877 a small building aimed at securing valuable artifacts that are brought from expeditions all around the world was erected near Central Park.

But our world is too huge to push it into this little building so it began to grow into new buildings and extensions. Today overgrown into 4 quarters Museum of Natural History in New York City has the largest collection in the Natural History of the world.


It is not surprising because the inside of the museum hides not thousands but millions of unique instances. 46 permanent collections represent only a small part of 32 millions of artifacts. And that's not counting 450 thousands of books that are filling the creaking wooden shelves of Museum’s bookcases. Here you can learn everything about everything.


We were wandering around the museum until the very closing. And it was still not possible to see everything. We have not seen an old lady Lucy who died 3.2 million years ago but left her skeleton to us; Emerald Patricia of 632 carats; sapphire Star of India that travel with its captors to the very Miami; 200-ton piece of the Cape York meteorite. But in the stalemate of endless labyrinths we found Dam Dam – people make selfies with him as a celebrity.


Although as for me stones are stones but it’s much interesting to look at the dinosaurs. Passing under the tail of a giant Diplodocus in the in the Halls of Fossils it’s hard to be believe that this creature was really once walking on our planet.

Skeletons of ancient reptiles reminds more some installation of the contemporary art. They are too strange to be true.


And there is a whale — a huge blue whale squeezed into the newly renovated Hall of the Ocean. It is so tight for him there.


The museum is very much like Kunstkamera. But if the museum in Peter place more emphasis on the cultural dimension the American museum dilutes human with dioramas of animals. It looks impressive though a bit lifeless sometimes.


Enterance fee 22 $ (september 2016)

Museum map:


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