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A little bit about Moscow: in breadth and high into the air

For the first time i came to Moscow I could not get rid of a persistent feeling that I was like Alice in Wonderland — ate cake and declined in growth so the world around me grew to the unprecedented dimensions.

And it spun in my head — it is almost like Minsk that was increased twice both in length and in height.

The city is huge. But this excessiveness is felt exactly in the height of buildings especially if to walk more in the sleeping areas. Perhaps this is how it looks in China these billions of identical windows in a huge titanic concrete pillars. Even smooth skyscrapers with licked translucent sides create different impression. They are civilized, cleaned and they have business bloom.

Usual homes are not covered by anything. They are like giant termite mounds and if to open it with a stick they will be swarming with  mess of human beings.

Massive prospects are like potholes in the man-made canyon of brick and concrete that are filled with iron fish. Gigantic Stalinist skyscrapers are towering protectively over their part of the city. Ostankino Tower is a huge secret cocoon on a giant pillar.

And under all this there is an underground labyrinth squeezed by billions of tones – metro . Only this metro could provoke the imagination of man to the image of the famous postapocalyptic universe. Only here you can feel at once the oppressive immensity and choking tightness of marble stations; strange combination of huge almost crystal grand chandeliers and dreary working faces and cloths.

Moscow will swallow and won’t choke as it does not care about small insects.

Have a good day, MarrySav!)

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