Chao Phraya Riverside in Bangkok, Thailand
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A little bit about muddy waters: the Chauphraya river in Bangkok

The river in the city is always a separate attraction which should never be neglected. These squeezed in stone pavements waters can tell a lot about the places along which they have their way. Being pure and unblemished before flowing through towns rivers indiscriminately absorb everything that modern megacities can offer them.

They reflect them becoming the main axis of the bubbling civilization. Rivers can become a calm line where you can just walk and take a breath as it is felt in Europe. And they can bring even more anxiety to the already standing on its head city as it turned out in Bangkok.


The Chauphray River is formed as a result of Ping and Nan rivers merger. And this large two-headed beast stretched its body for 372 kilometers from north to south along the Indochina Peninsula. Striving through the wild forests and jungle he still brings life despite the fact that his sides are probably bitten by nasty little mosquitoes. But the forests are one thing and it's quite another thing to meet man and his concrete jungle.


The King River is a kind of miniature of Thailand capital, a theatrical performance of the modern Thai metropolis lifestyle. Just like on the roads of Bangkok there's the same mess going on here. At least how the flickering of hundreds of boats stacked on each other and flattened people in them is perceived. Passengers have only a few seconds to jump from or to a boat until the water vessel gives way to the others. These are the rules and conditions of this city but they are easy to get used to.


Like sharp daggers boats cut the muddy flesh of the river carrying its human cargo along the rapidly changing shore. Chayphrai's frame is a scattering of ancient precious stones, interspersed with concrete crumbs and polished glass of modern bottles.

The river wears a crown from the piercing stupas of temples peeping out from the thick greenery, the long teeth of modern hotels shining in the sun and the shabby teeth of the dilapidated shacks.


There is no embankment and there is nowhere to walk in the quiet evening. This river has absorbed all the dirt, all the chaos of Bangkok. Therefore her body is cloudy and the rubbish dangles on the surface.

Chauphray hides in its depth all the dirt of both human bodies and human souls. But at the same time she lives and rages together with the city being a full participant in the unfolding bacchanalia and slightly cooling it. Probably the purpose of it is to drown and carry away in her waters even a part of the folly of Bangkok and its inhabitants.


Well next time we go under the water and learn a bit what is freediving)


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