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A little bit about Naples: the best view on Vesuvius

Hello dear! How are you? How are you feeling? Today we will have the last walk around Naples. We will head to the fortress with an observation deck. From here we will see the whole city)

So Castel Sant'Elmo in Naples is a medieval fortress on Vomero hill.

This is an interesting example of military architecture of the 16th century. The castle has the shape of an irregular star with six ramparts. They are 20 meters higher compared to the central part.

In 1799 Sant'Elmo was called the symbol of the Neapolitan Republic.

Castel Sant'Elmo belonged to the military until 1976. Then the Campaign administration embroiled a major project to restore the castle. Seven years later, it was completely restored — all the original galleries, parapet passages and underground chambers.

Castle even has its own guard. A huge iron head war covered with spiked rods.

But all this things have no value at all. Because the most important thing here is a view of the city itself. Naples is running down the soft hills to the water border like butter under the heat.

City of Sun. Yellow, red, orange. Saturated. Endless warm roofs melt under the midday rays. And thousands of windows merge into one slightly swaying canvas. Only the domes of the churches like buoys sway on the ripples of the heated city.

Naples smells like fresh Margarita pizza dough. The city sings with horns of impatient drivers in traffic jams. It roars through fast motorbikes. Hot explosive Italian blood rushes through its veins.

And above all this swarming haze stands Vesuvius. Calm. Big and strong. Like a nanny watching kids playing in the sandbox.


From the historic center of Naples, the castle can also be reached via the panoramic stairs of Pedamentina. At the top point, above the stairs and near the castle, there is an observation deck and the Certosa di San Martino Museum.

You can also get:

1. On the metro — line 1, stop Vanvitelli. From the stop to the castle its about 750 meters;

2. Using one of the funicular lines: the central funicular from Via Toledo to piazza Fuga; cable car from Parco Margherita to Cimarosa; cable car from Montesanto Square.

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