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A little bit about Naples: the southern city of authentic pizza

Hello darlings! How are you feeling? So today on our agenda we have the third largest city in Italy — Naples. It is a seaport on the southern coast of Italy. Noisy, whacky, a little beggary and so Italian. Also in a dangerous neighborhood with a sleeping volcano. Maybe that's why they all are so feverish)

The history of the city begins from the 8th century BC.In that times it was the Greek settlement of Parthenop (named for the mythological siren). It was destroyed and the new city was called Naples (in translation from ancient Greek — a new city). In 1860 Naples became part of the state of Italy. Then it became part of the Roman Republic, and further — the Roman Empire. Then goes many many years, dynasties, scandals and dates. But in general the city belonged to the Byzantines, the Sicilian kingdom, Spain, Austria, the Bourbons and France. And only in 1860 Naples became part of Italy.

In the film ‘Eat Pray Love’ the main heroins go to Naples to try real Italian pizza. What can I say. They were not mistaken. Naples is considered the birthplace of pizza. Two types of Neapolitan pizza became classic — “Marinara” (with garlic, without cheese) and “Margherita” (with cheese and basil, without garlic).

There is a saying: «Naples would be beautiful if without the Neapolitans.» Southerners, they are southerners. Loud, outgoing, obsessive. Tell him ‘Hello’ and in return he will tell you everything right down to the name of his great-grandmother’s last lover. Very inventive and yet unimaginably lazy.

Motorcyclists don’t wear helmets so as not to spoil their hairstyle. Car drivers created a shirt with a painted seat belt so as not to fasten. Lovers of gossips and spreading the news throughout the county. And so willing to give advice or recommendation. Because this is the only way how the Neapolitan chooses cafe for the evening.

The Italian man is very attached to his mother and home. He is used to coming home from work for everything being ready. And does not seek to get a family in his young years. Because, firstly, before the wedding you need to take a course of preparation for marriage in the church. Secondly, in order to get a divorce later, all the bureaucracy will take 3 years. Previously the process of divorce generally took almost 5 years.

The history of the city speaks of its rapid pace of development, and at one time it was an attractive piece of cake. This is a port city and trade plays an important role in its development. But at the same time this growth kills Naple’s decency.

Today Naples is chaotic, emotional, restless, a bit messy and a little dangerous like all Italians. This southern guy is hot-tempered and unpredictable. It is saturated with the sun. And complete reluctance to do anything in siesta.

His former greatness had already gone out. Monumental palaces are painted with graffiti. Monolithic buildings facades are sprinkled on ancient paving stones. Neapolitans take so much care of themselves, but have completely forgotten about the city surrounding them. They are all so bright and catchy, but against the background of the sloppy streets it looks strange and almost inappropriate.

And in darkest alleys of Naples hundreds of evil eyes and hungry mouths swarm about. They wait for the night to go out and feed themselves on the narrow alleys of the city. Camorra. It’s a cancer tumor that has been eating up the city from the inside for so many years. Climbing deeper into people's homes, taking their peace and children. Climbing to where it is higher and more power. And all this inner things are naturally displayed on the face of the city.

But we have some many other things to do and to see. We will go to the museum, climb the Sant'Elmo fortress, take a walk along the cobblestone streets of the city surrounded by the scooter noise. We will sail to the luxury Positano island. And of course we will climb the sleeping volcano Vesuvius.

So keep in touch! MarrySav)

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