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A little bit about Oktoberfest: say no to beer and yes to carousels

After hearing unbelievable stories from colleagues about how the Oktoberfest is celebrated in Munich I was almost shuddering when thinking about the upcoming trip. My consciousness started to emerge images of floating in the slurry flows city, massive throwing of celebrating people themselves from the bridges under the trains, orgies at every step and nipping the eyes sickening stench – what can I say, descriptions were very colorful.  And an action plan in case of a fall from the stairs again because of the same slurry was prepared...

I do not know — whether I am so lucky, either because of full hardcore expectations, whether due to the fact that I did not manage to find this hardcore — but I obviously found myself not on the Oktoberfest which I was told about...

I got into the world of sparkling iron-sides carousels filled with joyful squeals of people and sweet smell of roasted in vanilla nuts. I am not sure about the beer but it’s definitely worth coming here for the carousels – I have never seen so many spinning, flipping and swirling devices in one place.

So how could I just did not try them all ... And after getting out of the tenacious grip of iron merry-go-rounds when the sun is dazzling, the brain tries to realize itself on the ground and the adrenaline hits the feet that were just hanging on 50 meters height you feel like drunk while going to the exit and laughing to tears. Being drunk in such a way is useful to everybody)

Have a good day, MarrySav!)

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