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 A little bit about orange jumpsuits: Madness of Brussels' Colours

I almost was returning back to the hotel but something compelled to turn back to the city center and have a small walk along the evening Brussels. And it turned out to be very useful decision. Aiming to leave a small buzzing square it suddenly clicked that this is real bingo at the first sound of heavy bits. Could I expect that I will find myself on the Brussels Carnival of Colors.

Huge colorful wheels at first not even seen in the evening twilight lit up and started to move above the crowd. Having struggled through the crowd that already occupied the whole road of the carnival a real coven of people, circles, light and smoke appeared in front of the eyes.

Huge insane mechanism revolving in its own chaos to the sound of wild techno. Actors being filled with shuddering the windows music were frantically writhing in furious dancing in an attempt to convey raging inside madness.

Orange coveralls as a mark of distinction from the adequacy of the world. Red signal light flashes — a man in a suit drags a hissing fire on the ground. The audience hypnotized like moths in front of fascinating light watching him passing by and constraining attempts to rush after him. Bacchanalia comes to a crossroads and the beast slowly sorts out his sides to stand in a certain position.

Possessed creatures lurk in the bosom of translucent wheels, the music fades, it’s becoming almost uncomfortable from the void. A couple of heart beats and thousands of white butterflies soar into the air marking the new level of insanity.

And again the roar of the loudspeakers, the light flashes at the sides of chiffon wheels and glittering napes of raging actors. On the way back to the square people began to wake up and were joining the chaotic dance no longer fearing that the unknown orange creatures can bite. To the unceasing rhythm of bulky beat monster is rolling back to the square with its last strength and under the jubilant shouts of the crowd calms down.

Have a good day, MarrySav!)

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