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A little bit about Palma de Mallorca: city around the cathedral

Despite the fact that the Cathedral La Seu is located in the southern part of Palma de Mallorca there is a strong feeling that the entire town is turning it around exactly it, obsequiously bowing to the powerful columns and all-seeing eye of the Gothic rosace.

In any open space the sun-burnt amber Cathedral is always looming somewhere on the horizon.

And maybe this is what distinguishes Palma from other resort towns mostly filled with bars and cafes. But here there is such a gigantic thing on the hill like a mountain dotted with sharp peaks. And even huge multi-stored whitewashed hotels can’t eclipse the monumental structure.

From the look of the Virgin Mary floating between the towers of the façade it is possible to hide only in the narrow streets drawn by the colorful facades of houses. The only decoration of the smooth walls here are graffiti and wooden shutters — they coyly cover the exposed parts of buildings as the girls cover themselves with transparent pareo.

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