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A little bit about Paris: to see and not to die

As everybody knows Honore de Balzac did not like the Eiffel Tower;

However he often visited the café located in it.

Friends were surprised to that.— Why did you go there when you do not like this tower! – they asked.

— It is simple, — he says — is the only place in Paris where I don’t see it.

So ... Paris,almost all want to go there and in fact they are right because somewhere inside the subconscious is already incorporated that Paris is a “mustvisist”, exclamation point. And Frenchies can turn up their noses even higher because the city fully lives up to its reputation in the best meaning of this words.

When approaching Paris and seeing the office buildings of unusual shapes you realize — here it is! It is as if having passed the invisible barrier between the rest of the world and the city and having breathed in someair you become its smallest element and physically feel the vibration sprawling from the powerful steel legs of the Eiffel Tower.

Before the trip many people were telling that the French are arrogant and speak only their language and etc. I will not argue for the reverse but it was very surprising that when sailing on the boat along Seine many were stopping and waving to the tourists. Of course maybe for them it is like waving to the monkeys in the zoo. But in any case after that one brick in the inner defense wall fell off.

Oh yes! I forgot to say that it was a pre-Christmas time although the photo does not look like that. Therefore with all my dislike to the snow I was missing it a bit for the child’s dream – to see Paris at Christmas – to be in full colors. However it is best to walk around the city in the early morning when the air is just ringing in it’s transparency and broad avenues are empty and deserted. At this time one can speak with Paris quietly and calmly as he slowly waking up because by noon he will be busy, dazzling tourists with  Louvre and Notre Dame and in the evening will get lost among numerous visitors of the greatest party, entertaining them here and  there with dancing street performers and crazy chaos of cars.

One can probably write a thesis about how the French drive... but what is possibly new one can write about the chaos. That hardcore that is happening on a circular motion around the Arc de Triomphe is just indescribable. Looking at this wild dance of lights you realize that the whole world just don’t know how to drive.

Have a good day, MarrySav!)

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