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A little bit about people: sad New York inhabitants

New York is like a huge zoo, the accumulation of strange enclosed in their own madness people. Surprisingly they are quite friendly to the others but at the same time so totally indifferent. Having achieved full democracy in their self-expression it seems that the progress and development of the person stopped. This is no necessity in that because all must accept you for who you are. And even those persons themselves don’t give a shit about their own self-development. Not surprisingly that if one has a goal and is heading to it he will be successful because no one around does not need anything.


People of New York are impregnated with some sad despair. Search of happiness was hammered so hard into their heads that they do not even look at each other drowning into themselves. Tired and concentrated they are chasing their elusive dreams. The inhabitants of the metropolis look so tortured in their pursuit of the great dream, but it seems that this is the only way they can have the right for happiness and peace of mind. Only staying in game you can count on your piece of cake. And all these years of running is sweeping in the weary eyes of passersby. They have no power to form at least some genuine emotion — either obliging mask of friendly service worker or almost complete lack of emotional response.



For hundreds of years the inhabitants of the metropolis were endlessly struggling with adversity. The history of the city is similar to the wandering through the sandy desert — overcoming another fate hit with difficulty they climb on a dune so that to be rolled down to the bottom again. Massive cholera epidemic, William Boss Tweed, the stock market collapse in 1929, the government deficit in the 1970s, the housing crisis of the 1980s, the tragedy of the World trade center, the crisis of 2011, hurricane Sandy. And those sand hills are created by rich so that the poor would then have something to do overcoming viscous ingesting sands but once again pulling everybody the top. Since childhood New York was cultivated in a clear separation of the poor and the wealthy. But after growing up he just learned how to blur the boundaries gently creating an illusion of lack of the yawning chasm.


No wonder that so many books aimed at overcoming the financial, physical, personal and psychological problems are written exactly in America. And it is spreading like an infection. The reason for that seems to be simple ignorance of the people, because on the TV they were not warned that they may get bogged down in these wells. And because rats must be kept in shape while they are at the races. Well the best way to maintain their pace is to put the promise of happiness just around the next corner. Only now it seems that happiness is either still running beside them trying to reach the blinded or had already stopped at the previous corner leaving its useful attempts.

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