A little bit about plants: how they do kill us

Hello everyone! How are you feeling? Today we will talk about the book of Stephen Gandhi ‘The Paradox of Plants’. There is a very colorful inscription outlining the main theme of the book: ‘The hidden dangers of healthy food: how food kills us, depriving us of health, youth and beauty’. Intriguing). So we learn what it’s all about.


So, according to Stephen Gandhi, the main reason for poor health, autoimmune diseases and internal chronic inflammation is plants. And specifically protein lectin. This protein is the same as the bright color of poisonous animals — eat me and you are finished.

The main function of lectin proteins is to equalize the chances between plants and animals in a fierce struggle for existence.

The most interesting thing is that proteins can penetrate not only directly from vegetables, but also through other foods. Even if the person himself did not consume the lectins in their original form, on farms animals are usually fed with cereals and soy, which then enter the human through meat, eggs and milk. That is the saying ’you are what you eat’ turned into ‘you are what your food has eaten’.

Our body takes information from the outside world and with the food that enters it. Thus in summer, when there are fresh fruits and sweets and we eat them, the body realizes that now is the time to gain fat for the winter. When the diet changes, and winter comes, the body begins to spend reserves. But then again, it understands this from the scarcity of incoming food. But now we have globalization and the availability of all kinds of fruits and vegetables in stores all year round. Eternal summer has started fir the body, when there are juicy fruits, sugar and they need to be stocked into fat. Therefore, it is always advised to eat seasonal fruits and vegetables grown precisely in the region of residence, and not at the other end of the world.


How do lectins act when they enter the body, which they didn’t really want to get into.

First, they can simply break through the intestinal wall into the body. Indeed, in fact, our intestines are the external environment. It is like a tube that passes through our body. Although it passes inside, its inhabitants belong to the outside world. To be honest, for me, to understand this order of things was like ‘Wow!’. And our behavior, oh, is so much controlled by precisely these 2 kilograms of external organisms — bacteria and microbes.

For your friendly germs, you are the home. The deal is extremely simple: you feed them, they protect you. They even report being satisfied by producing the majority of your well-being hormones, such as serotonin, for you.

As soon as the lectins enter the body, war begins, because it is an alien penetration. Body starts to store fat, and at the same time does not receive vitamins and nutrients, because lectins overlap the border points of intestinal cells through which they enter.

The second strategy is molecular mimicry, and it causes autoimmune diseases.

Lectins are practically indistinguishable from some other proteins of our body. By imitating such proteins, lectins trick the host’s immune system and cause it to attack its own proteins.

Or they attach to cellular receptors, acting like hormones (or blocking them), thereby disrupting communication within the body. This is the third strategy. Lectins join docking ports, occupy them and give incorrect information. For example, wheat protein (a type of lectin) is very similar to insulin, but when attached, it does not go anywhere, thereby disrupting the entire system.


There are many external factors that weaken the body while defending from lectins. The author describes 7 basic, but many of them relate more to America and its realities. Therefore, I will mention here the most common everywhere.

Antibiotics kill not only bad bacteria, but also those that protect us. After this pills there is a scorched forest, and the question is who will get to it faster... In addition, antibiotics also give animals whose meat we then eat. Which then leads to people resistance to these drugs.

Artificial Sweeteners. Sugar is the favorite food of bad bacteria. To be able to protect against them, the body begins to store fat. Thus products aimed at weight loss, on the contrary, increase it.

This also includes various types of plastic, GMOs, herbicides and even daylight lamps.


Being overweight indicates either that you are eating the wrong food, or that you are not eating the right food. And more often about both factors.

The body has its own understanding of what weight is ideal for its health. But when we talk about overweight — this is a sign that there is inflammation in the body. Weight is not reduced by diets, exercise or gyms. Well, at least they will not have a result if inflammation occurs in the body. That is an indicator that the body is in emergency conditions and it activate its protective system — to accumulate fat. And it will say goodbye to fat sooooo reluctantly, no matter how many hours you spend on the treadmill. Thus fat is not a cause, it is a consequence.

Inflammation can occur when lectin enters and attaches to the cell walls, mimicking insulin, for example. And it never detaches again, i.e. this entrance to other hormones is closed forever.

If it attaches to fat cells, they will endlessly produce fat from any sugar nearby. If to a muscle cell, then they will stop receiving glucose and turn into fat. By blocking nerve cells, lectin cuts off the supply of sugar. And when the neurons and the brain don’t enough sugar, they start to require more calories. In the long run, blocking nerve cells leads to dementia and Parkinson's disease.


Foods to avoid (with the most lectin):

  1. Solanaceous vegetables (tomatoes, peppers, potatoes, eggplant, goji berries)
  2. Cereals (Wheat, for example, was originally aimed at gaining weight and living in hungry times. But along with excess weight, it also contributes to the development of internal inflammation. And by the way, gluten is also one of the lectins. Studies prove that gluten causes celiac, intestinal disease)
  3. Whole grains (whole grains contain more lectin than refined grains)
  4. Cereals and Pseudo-Cereals
  5. Legumes
  6. Soy and corn (even the cows have heartburn from these plants, and in order to still eat such food on the farms they are given calcium carbonate)
  7. Milk (the main goal of milk is to stimulate rapid growth and weight gain in offspring)
  8. A balanced diet requires a variety of plant foods. In order to destroy lectins, you need to eat certain vegetables and fruits and cook them properly.

If you remove the causes of inflammatory processes, then the body will do the rest and recover.

Reduce the intake of ibufen, aspirin and other anti-inflammatory drugs that destroy the intestinal mucosa. It is much easier for lectins to penetrate these holes.

Maintain your germs, i.e. find out what good microbes and bacteria in the intestines like and eat such food. And avoid sugar and other foods that bad bacteria love so much.

Naturally, the author gives a lot more advice and recommendations. I chose just the main ones). And he has a whole food system, with the right products and the way they are prepared.


As for me, the book was interesting. I was even inspired and for some time followed the advice. In the process, many things disappeared, but something remained in the habit) I can not say that there was any tangible effect, but there can be many other additional factors.

You need to rely only on your feelings and your conclusions. You have received information, but do not blindly believe it. Need to try on yourself. Conduct an experiment, for example, for a couple of weeks. And just look at the result and your condition. There are or not changes. And to take into your life only what really suits you.

After all, it is one thing when a person introduces changes into his life under external pressure. And another, when he tried, he liked it, had an effect and why not continue)

Balanced diet to all) And keep in touch! MarrySav

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