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A little bit about Positano: rocks in multi-colored facades

Hello dear! How are you doing? Today we take a walk through the sloping streets of Italian Positano city. We will see the main attractions here. And walk through the most beautiful observation points.

I arrived in Positano from Naples for just one day. But even those few hours in a cozy Italian town were definitely worth it. The small town on the mountainside is located in the Campania region on the Amalfi coast. Together with Amalfi, Conca dei Marini and Praiano Positano it is one of the most famous resort cities on the Amalfi Coast. And belongs to the UNESCO World Heritage.


Legend states that the city was founded by the sea god Poseidon. He was so delighted with the beauty of the nymph Pasitea that he gave her a small town on the coast near Salerno. Positano was named in her honor.

Homer also mentioned this city in his ‘Odyssey’. It was here on the Lee Galli archipelago near the city where lived sweet-voiced sirens killing hundreds of ships.

The heyday of the city falls on the time after the fall of the Roman Empire when it became part of the Amalfi Republic. Positano started to build merchant ships and mint it’s own coins.

However after the unification of Italy in 1861 and the opening of new routes the importance of the city decreased so much that in a couple of decades Positano became the most usual fishing village.

In 1953 American writer John Steinbeck wrote about Positano in Harper’s Bazaar magazine. “This is a dream place that seems fabulous and not real while you are there, but it is worth leaving and it beckons and encourages you to return with the most realistic memories.” Naturally after such an advertisement the Mediterranean city was doomed to success.

Positano has always been a place for wealthy estates who have build many luxury villas. After the First World War representatives of the world intelligentsia began to visit this place. Today world-class stars, artists have their holidays here. All this secured  for Positano the title of the Best Amalfi Coast resort.


The main attraction of Positano is Positano itself. No matter how many expensive villas or ancient churches there are. There is nothing to compare with the multi-colored facades flowing down to the narrow line of a black pebble beach. The city is similar to the ancient hanging gardens of Babylon. Step by step they are getting to the clear waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea.

Mixed with trees, pastel facades almost merge with warm cliffs. Covering them like dragon scales. They protect not only the mountains, but people as well from the north winds. Almost vertical stone paths run up peering through each door.

The highest point in the city is Via Cristoforo Colombo and Punta Reginella. It offers the best views of the city.

In the center where all the facades merge there is the church of Santa Maria Assunta. The main shrine is the Byzantine image of the Black Madonna and Child. According to the legend the icon was carried by the sea to the coast of Positano and since then it has been considered the patroness of the city. Every year on August 15 festivities are held in honor of the icon with carnival processions and fireworks.

In search of coolness from the burning sun, you can go to Via dei Mullini. There are many shops with local souvenirs and clothes. And a lot of place for tasting a local limoncello drink.

Another local delicacy besides fish is Margarita pizza and Mozzarella cheese. It is believed that cheese was created exactly in Positano. Grilled mozzarella is the signature dish of the city.

In order to see the entire Amalfi coast in the most successful perspectives, it is worth going along the Path of the Gods (Sentiero degli Dei). This is one of the roads that historically connected villages along the coast among themselves. The easiest and most popular route is from Bomerano (633 m above sea level) to Nocella (436 m). The length of the route is 6 km. You need to get to Bomerano by bus Amalfi-Agerola. At the end of the route in Nocell, you can go down either to the bus stop or to Positano itself.

Not far from the city there is the La Galli archipelago. Today it is a private territory and you can get there only with owner’s invitation. But it is possible to rent a boat on the dock of Positano and sail around the islands. Although it will be much more interesting to sail to the bigger island. From here boats also go to Capri.

I remember that upon arrival at home I came across a film about an American who came to Italy in search of herself — «Under the Tuscan Sun». There she buys a house in the hope of changing her life. Generally the aim was achieved. And of course there was a beautiful Italian who brought her on a date in Positano).

It was so weird to look at this place on TV that you visited just a couple of days ago. There Positano was completely deserted and so autumnal. With a pleasant cool in the air. But still so cozy. And the whole film is filled with an atmosphere of hope and a light pleasant sadness. As if adding the last missing component to the Italian trip.


The best time to travel to Positano is late spring when oranges bloom. July and August are the highest season. From November to April  there are no regular boats along the coast, many hotels and restaurants are closed, and the town is almost dead. In winter it is quite windy and humid and little is open.

From Naples Positano can be reached with one change in Sorrento. From Naples Train Station take the local Circumvesuviana to Sorrento. Then, in Sorrento, transfer to the SITA bus, which stands right at the railway station. Amalfi Bus Direction Travel time is 35 minutes. Getting out is better at the next stop after Sponda.

SITA buses also run between cities such as Amalfi, Sorrento and Positano.

From Salerno and from Capri island Positano can be reached by boat or ferry, which run several times a day. The timetable must be specified directly at the port, where several ferry companies operate.

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