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A little bit about rattling wooden houses: a journey to the Port de Sóller

It is possible to get from Palma de Mallorca to Port de Soller in a very romantic, a little jarring way — by train over a mountain range.

Anticipation of adventure felt as soon as you enter sun-heated wooden house on the wheels. Even wide open windows can’t help to fresh up but for sure it is a very special pleasure when sitting on the heated leather seat...

And there is it’s own pleasure in the regular soft cabin rocking, rumble of the iron wheels and light-touching warm wind.

The reality lulls enveloping, playing shadows between the eyelashes, letting the echo of voices somewhere on the periphery of the sleep.

Stopping at the transfer point softened travelers lazily move another stop – the tram one. And here it feels like the volume is switched on: a thin clang and rattle on the corners of new metal wheels, vibration crawling from an iron womb into the legs and abdomen, cheerful hubbub and cries of children, faint smell of the hot wood.

And here is Port de Soller even more noisy, shrilling, mixed with the smell of the sea. And it seemed like go — take off your clothes and jump into a slightly heated water, but you don’t want so much to interrupt the smell of wood soaked by the cloths.

Have a good day, MarrySav!)

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