The Hantalay Buddhist Temple on Koh Lipe Island, Thailand
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A little bit about recharging: Huntalai temple on Koh Lipe Island

This temple is not very remarkable. It does not even look much like other Thai monasteries with their magnificent splendor.


There are only a few statues and a couple of wooden buildings almost invisible among the dense forest. The monks live in their humble huts and take care of local cats and dogs. Dogs by the way are marked with numbers on the loins of the hind legs so that it is easier to distinguish them from the other four-legged inhabitants of the island.

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But the most interesting starts around 5 o'clock. The monk begins to sing their prayers which echoes throughout the whole island. Of course you do not understand what they are singing about but the lingering songs are drowning you into their unhurried whirlpool.

And coming back after a daily training on freediving, when the feet are still slightly waddling from the pitching it was so nice to lean against the warm stone of a small fence surrounding the temple and simply swim with the chanting without any thought. 10 minutes — the battery is charged — it's time to move on.

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And further we will spek about Thailand citizens...


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