Copenhagen Guinness World Records Museum, Denmark
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A little bit about records: the Guinness Museum in Copenhagen

Honestly saying there is absolutely nothing to do there. It seems to be quite an interesting topic but presented in such an insipid manner that you begin to wonder if you are still in Denmark...


The museum itself is not very big but judging by the ads there are about 500 exhibits inside. The list of achievements is ranging from the most gigantic animals and buildings to the heaviest people and donuts. In the honorable list there are also musicians, actors, Star Wars and Simpsons. In the end it was even possible to play GTA 5 on the console.

But it didn’t improve the overall impression. It is unclear whether it is the absurdity of the museum and its lurid design or whether it is the absurdity of the records themselves. In general I have expressed my discontent so it’s you to decide.


For the things not to be so sad let's return for a small moment to two giants of the American east coast — there are some more words left)

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