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A little bit about red giant: 25th of April Bridge

When you leave the depth of Lisbon colorful streets and reach the seafront it is clear that this is another secluded little world. As if the city is afraid that the water will wash away his paint and so left this kind of neutral territory — a pure white strip of stone saturated with the sun.

And wherever you find your place to sit on the shiny surface you feel vibration spreading from the  King of the Bay — 25th of April Bridge.

Everyone knows that the Lisbon Bridge is often compared with the older brother the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco but not everybody knows where such a strange name “25th of April Bridge” came from. Initially it was called in honor of an architect Antonio Salazar but after the Carnation Revolution (bloodless military coup) which occurred on April 25th bridge was renamed.

And now for almost 50 years the red giant elevates people over the icy waters of the Gulf. His measured rumble flows through the narrow streets adding notes of the metal and grandeur into the city symphony.

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