Skydeck Chicago viewpoint at Willis Tower
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A little bit about runways: Chicago viewpoint

Sears Tower or Willis Tower is the tallest building in America since 1973. It means that in 43 years, quite a considerable period, even the New York skyscrapers were not able to catch up almost half a kilometer colossus. So today we will visit one of the highest viewpoints of the world — Skydeck on 103rd  floor.


Up from here harsh and inaccessible a few minutes ago skyscrapers are turning into small glass columns carefully adjusted to each other as in Tetris.

In their damaged and uneven pace they resemble solid diagram of music frequency — the melody of the city itself.

And while we blink, in this millisecond in time when our eyelids are closed, these concrete columns are dancing up and down each beating the rhythm of its part in the overall symphony.

But as soon as dusk falls the melody gives way to a theatrical performance. The first actors start slowly entering the stage lighting already twilight streets. They are shy and do not want to argue with the smooth rolling-up into the haze of the horizon sun.

But as soon as his last beam dazzles the eyes the city erupts with bright yellow dots. Small fires plunge entire squares into darkness turning Chicago into a negative picture.


Straight lines of bright bands with mathematical accuracy divide the land into runways to the very horizon. And thousands of planes filled with dreams and aspirations of people take off and fall on this gigantic airport.

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