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A little bit about simple shapes: Assistens Cemetery in Copenhagen

Only a stone fence states that beyond its borders it’s not just an ordinary park but the old city cemetery. As in Germany people do not hesitate to walk with dogs or strollers or take slow health-improving jogging sets. And like the rest of Copenhagen the cemetery is simple and succinct in its lines and forms.


Copenhagen cemetery resembles Scandinavian design — it is sophisticated in its pure simplicity and elegance of lines.

So ecological and close to nature as Scandinavians like. No frills, bright flashy details. No desire for monumental tombs, crosses or grieving angels.


Conventional plants is the basis of all the beauty. Only the edge of gravestones are visible in the soft green carpet. The nature itself is trying to absorb the consequences of the terrible plague of the 18th century when this cemetery appeared. Under this carpet sleeps one third of the city population of that time.


But by the end of the same century this place became fashionable among the dead and rich citizens like poets, writers, academics and artists began to 'settle' among the poor.


And so moving along the park its visible how the nature is softly organized in more strict forms and hints of modern sculptures and monuments began to appear among the rough tombstones. But even they are made in that peculiar Danish style.


And from here we will directly go for shopping in the free city!


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