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A little bit about sirens: view points of New York

Manhattan is a constant sound of horns that are spreading like the wind over a huge maze flying around the concrete and brick walls. They are so different and so personal that within a couple of blocks you can determine whether it is ambulance, police or fire car driving.


But raising above the upper floors of transparent skyscrapers every sound is becoming a part of the overall city symphony. The song of the concrete island has no melody – it’s a dark, vibrating hum going up from the depths of the underground tunnels.

He slowly passes through the first layers of the earth absorbing the iron sound of trains and creaking roar of water running through the sewer pipes. Then having struggled through the heated concrete it absorbs the noise of those horns, sharp signals of angry drivers and the murmur of working car engines. But it has no ability to reach the clouds like the hot air can’t rise to the ceiling and have to stay along the floor.

All this slurry is boiling down in the fractures the walls of which are decorated with thousands of windows. And on the tops of concrete rocks cool air mass frozen the rushing melody pressing it to the ground.


Top view points of New York:

1.World Trade Center 1


As for me this is the best view point in the city at least because it is one of the tallest buildings not only in America but throughout the Western Hemisphere. The total area of the skyscraper base combines footprints of both Twin Towers and Manhattan can be observed from a height equal to the height of the destroyed towers.

Here the view is cleaner, more spacious than from the skyscrapers in the middle of the island. World Trade Center gives you a view of the metropolis from the south- from Wall Street to the Midtown. On the one hand you can see piles of concrete stalagmites while the other side let the eye rest on the water reflections of New York Harbor.

Entrance fee in 2016 — $34.


2.Empire State Building


This is the second highest but probably the first in popularity sightseeing area. It is not surprising — the skyscraper has starred in so many films not even moving that any art-house actor from Broadway can die from envy.

The building sandwiched in the heart of Manhattan has 2 viewpoints – on 86th  floor and 102nd  respectively. To visit both by 1 price won’t work — of you want higher pay more. But first be so kind to participate in the mandatory program – entertainment ‘wait in the queue’ to the cashier first and then to the entrance itself. We were lucky and spend only 20 minutes. But passing through kilometers of serpentine fenced as in airport ways it is better to take into account the advice to buy a ticket in advance especially in peak season.

Entrance fee in 2016 — $34.


3.Top of the Rock


Third place goes to the observation deck near the Rockefeller Center. It is located on the 70 floor and more spacious as essentially it takes 3 floors – one indoor, one enclosed by glass shields and opened one at the very top.

After 2 modern giants here the atmosphere feels more homy and cozy. This fort-post of the northern part of the island gives an overlook of the whole island from Central Park to Lower Manhattan.

Entrance fee in 2016 — $34.

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