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A little bit about southern Italy: lost in the colors of the world

I will not say anything new stating that Italian towns are perfect. Like the whole Italy every town is a separate world with its specific attributes, colors and the local ruins. The only thing that is everywhere are always smiling and talkative Italians.

The first and main point of stay was the city of Terracina.

The new part of Terrachina are perfectly straight in the manner of American towns streets filled with cafes and pizzerias with «Russian» menu, gelaterias with absolutely delicious ice cream, and houses with a completely «tasteless» facades. But there is an old part of the city and here starts something interesting. Everything is like in picturebook — the narrow streets and tiny courtyards; slammed to each other houses with slowly flowing from one shade of red into another dresses; sun descending slowly from the rooftops; sipping coffee Italians sitting in the cafe chairs early in the morning and sleepy cats scattered all over the road.

And also there is a mountain just simply standing in the middle of a flat horizon. And if during late in the evening arrival no one had certainly noticed it the morning it was like a revelation as if it's just came from nowhere during the night.

Have a good day, MarrySav!)

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