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A little bit about Stockholm: Cemeteries

Before visiting the most important cemetery in Stockholm with the unpronounceable name Skogskyrkogården I came across another one in the city center.

 Strolling along falling asleep streets near Town Hall on Christmas Eve I was interested that several cars in a row parked along the street and then people walked to the same place with candles in their hands. After the turn there appeared to be the church on a hill and on a whitish lawn there were warm lights fluttering in the floating twilight.

The silence was broken only by the soft whispers of people and rare crunching of passing by car wheels creating an atmosphere of sacrament and quiet joy of the moment.

Oh, how I like their Christmas decorations — these orange paper star and triangular candle holders — especially in the evening when the cold streets are filled with these little warm lights and in these windows without curtains one can see cozy rooms with soft light of a floor lamps and reading in a chair people.

Stockholm cemetery photo

The Woodland Cemetery or unpronounceable Skogskyrkogården is located in the southern part of Stockholm and is a very vast area with scattered inclusion of square stone plates. Here incredible landscape breathes freedom and as if rarefy air wrapping each sound in a vacuum.

One can wonder why so much space for dead people… but desolate hills were made more for those who are alive so that everything that was accumulated inside would be scattered by walking through the fields wind and the words could be heard only by those to whom they are addressed.

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