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A little bit about Stockholm: Deserted inner city

Either because it was the winter or because it was Christmas time but the city was incredibly empty. Sometimes it seemed that it just became extinct when several streets and intersections on the row were empty — no people, no cars ... Only when approaching the area of ​​the main train station life starts to appear. It seemed that this small group of people was the entire population of the snow city.

At first such sparseness was a bit alerting but ultimately it turned out that it is the very condition of the city’s soul – some kind of estrangement and meditative seclusion which combines the crunch of snow underfoot, a cloud of steam from the mouth, tingling feeling in the fingers when putting on gloves after making a shot, blinding whiteness of sidewalks and chillness of each breath.

And thу silence is enveloping and pulling into the bowels of the city closer to the slow heartbeat of peacefully sleeping owner.

And then in the evening when entering a warm cafe with subdued lights you feel that a hot drink returns your mind from sweet anabiosis and you know that tomorrow you will return to this heartbeat again.

Have a good day, MarrySav!)

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