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A little bit about street artists: performance at Times Square

In the west street performers sometimes have more talent than the graduates of special educational institutions. Not all of course but many. It can be felt immediately when stopping near the small crowds of people on the sidewalk. Here the artist can’t hide behind the brightening costumes and flamboyant makeup. There are only a couple of meters between the viewer and the performer and the crowd will feel any falsity.

(Street artists in Munich)

Street performers interact, they involve you in the process and make you part of the show because every spectator is important for them.

They are not arrogant. They do not want to be worshiped and praised for their talent, they want you to laugh with them and have a good time.

Because street is not a place where you can earn a lot but where you can get much more than money. Each of them is a little crazy, going into the crowd to be fed by the force of streets.

And everyone has his own way to get it. In New York they dance and stunt. And of course how two young guys in great physical shape can’t but attract attention...


They laugh, they shout in unison sometimes silly sometimes serious and important things, they show the wonders of break-dance and yoga, preparing people for the main performance — jump over the heads of the selected as a sacrifice people. They communicate with the people luring them to come closer so that to share their raging energy and get a new one in return. Because that's how it works.


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