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A little bit about the area of thousand eyes: Times Square

Leaving the underground and there is a feeling that you was put inside of the TV, the giant hall of LED screens. Each space of each skyscraper is literally plastered with billions of light transmitting into this world gigabytes of information. These flows are poured directly onto the unprotected heads of people running down there on the ground.


Skyscrapers look at you with hundreds of people and thousands of eyes. Someone is frozen being forever deprived of the possibility to look away. But the main part was given the opportunity to move, flirting with its audience.

They jump, run, meet the sunrises and sunsets on their luminescent surfaces. Someone is lonely, someone is having fun in the company, someone is looking directly into the eyes, and someone just throws a glance. Huge and gigantic, men and women – they are given not so much time to live in this endless cycle of repeated commercials.





Being trapped in this world of ones and zeros they are torn away from the screen to the screen in an attempt to snatch their small piece of reality.

One can feel their screaming desire to get out of their dihedral universe and be alive and real as small creatures who are taking photos on their little cameras. But the only chance they are they are given is to stay alive in millions of copies on those little cameras.


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