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A little bit about the city of skyscrapers and winds: Chicago

It may seem that the two cities stuffed with skyscrapers should be the same like twins. But we all know that these people are not identical either in appearance or in their inner state. So after days of sweltering heat and chaos of ever-running New York Chicago was a leisurely warm evening after a hot day.


It is impossible not to compare the two titans of the east coast but from the very beginning it became clear that the heart will be given to the harsh industrial giant on Lake Michigan. Chicago is full of wind and sun. Concrete Downtown skyscrapers are almost translucent reflecting the turquoise sky in thousands of windows.



The city is fresh and relaxed and the lake winds polish its rough walls.Chicago is not fussy. It reminds full of self-esteem street cat who is haughtily lying in the sun on its conquered territory.

Only sometimes he lazily opens a bit one eye to control the situation. Probably in the night in his dark suburbs he is desperately and fiercely fighting for food, money and life, but in the afternoon in the rays of the warming sun Chicago is calm and firm.

As almost any metropolis of America this cat was beaten by life. In the late 17th century this yet an uninhabited piece of land became a refuge for the first pioneers from Europe — on land they could move their boats from Lake Michigan to the Mississippi River. But they were not welcomed much here.

Indian tribes were not happy about foreign guests and in addition appeared to be much smarter and greedier than their counterparts from the Manhattan Island. Eventually in exchange for the territories they had received from the United States goods that coasted nearly $ 20,000. This was not colored glass for sure.


In 1848 the official city of Chicago began to grow and just in 32 years became one of the largest cities in the world and the second largest city of the United States in population. But then there came an awkward age and in 1871 the city burned almost half of himself in the hellish fire having destroyed into ashes 34 quarters with 18 thousands of buildings.

A third of the population was left without its wooden caves. But Phoenix was reborn and started a new round of evolution. The vulnerable tree was replaced with rigid metal and stone cement — Chicago began to grow upward.

City gathered the top engineers of those times who were erecting its reinforced concrete flesh according the latest technologies. It is here that in 1885 the world's first 10-storey high-rise building was constructed beginning the era of skyscrapers. So it goes till our day — the city sets the level to the world and sets its constructions against the clouds and the 108-storey Willis Tower even nowadays is a man-made Everest of America.



Who knows maybe Chicago should arrange another infernal site of fire so that to make another step higher and once again lift the level for humanity.

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