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A little bit about the consciousness expansion: Freetown of Christiania

It’s strange and logical at the same time that the last utopian corner for hippies, misfits, punk and all-all misunderstood has originated exactly in Denmark. Strange because the Danes are all law-abiding and correct. Logical because the freedom of choice and expression is almost sacred here. For nearly 30 years Freetown of Christiania tests the patience of ordinary citizens. Free residents tease the whole of Northern Europe proudly proclaiming at the entrance: «You are leaving the territory of the European Union.» The EU in turn is making flabby attempts to disperse the rebellions but the effect is zero.


So what’s the trick? On paper it looks good. Christiania is economically independent unit. Residents once bought all 34 hectares of land from the Copenhagen municipality and now only pay taxes for land and drug trafficking. All houses are in the public domain. All business belongs to the community and each member is involved into the economic decision-making.

Money comes from tourists, art and bicycles. They say that the best ones are manufactures here. Orders come from all over Europe. And each individually is occupied with something for the soul. Someone paints and someone packages marijuana on the main street. Drugs are also a large section of the community income. But here you can find only the light ones that just expand the consciousness.


Here they know from practice how people's democracy works. Decisions about new tenants, new employees, even new graffiti are not made on the basis of the majority but only when achieving general consensus.


It all started back in the 70s when war of extermination was started in Vietnam and the American hippies sang songs and smoked joints grass on a huge field near Woodstock town in the New York state. At this time the European freedom fighters had nowhere to spend the night while they held their exhibition and sale of handicrafts. So they occupied not used barracks of king Christian. Now do you understand the origin of the name? Although originally tehre is such a desire to connect it all ti christians. But the state did not even strongly objected to such a turn of affairs. It is easier to monitor when they all are in one place. But as soon as the rumor spread 'believers' started pilgrimage to new Mecca.

If not to notice such a huge elephant as marijuana trading (in addition the biggest on in Europe) essentially Christiania does not differ much from other districts of Copenhagen. There are people who develop their own way of life, create new ideas and earn for living.


But the elephant is too big and it smells too loud. If not the drugs nobody would even care about Christiania. But it turns out to be the real hotbed and in the very heart of the decent state.


One can shout of course that the true Christiania is not at first painted with graffity streets. And I am confident that there are true 'christiants' who simply live and work and I am certain that they are the majority.

But overheard stories of the guide and not even one put everything in its place. Christiania is infested with drug addicts and almost every week someone is killed. At this pace no one will be left from the  thousands of 'indigenous' population.



But what is more interesting is to ask people who live in the depths of a free city whether they are satisfied with such a  neighborhood? Do they like that it is dangerous to go out at night? Is that true freedom for them? Or for them freedom is just to have a good supplier of expand your consciousness grass next door? And do they really have no capacity to organize themselves the same way of life and opportunities for creativity in the EU?


And the next time we will visit one of the hottest places on our planet — Death Valley!


Have a good day, MarrySav!)

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