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A little bit about the differences: Chicago vs. New York

Eternal rivals in the battle for the hearts of the East Coast residents, two industrial giants, both covered with skyscrapers. So identical in their visual outlook but so different in their nature.

New York... It is noisy, vibrant, dirty. The city with millions of faces. The city where standing on a busy crossroad one can feel as the loneliest speck in the world. He is dancing so hard in front of visitors and residents that seem to have lost its identity.

There is no classic New York City from the books and films that excited the minds of millions of people from all around the world. He traded his character and prides in the diversity, permissiveness and a giant wave of all kinds of entertainment. He's like a junkie in search of a dose so bustling and ready for anything.

The city will bend and stand in any posture if you have enough cash in your pocket. If it is empty it will put your forehead against the dirty pavement crouching and begging for mercy from the rich gentlemen.

New York is suffocating in his own hand-constructed concrete jungle presenting it as the Garden of Eden. It's too much, too much detail, too much flickering around, too many eyes, too long distances, too narrow streets. Megapolis is compressed in its own grip and assigns only neatly measured boundaries of personal space and freedom. He presses you to the ground and gives no air.


Chicago... It is a dark, gray, metallic and ordered. The City of Winds it seemed to be knocking out all the folly and sycophancy. He did not curry favor with its citizens and those who have made their choice are accepted as equals.

The city is not so narrow with some space for the wind. He gives visitors to breath with full chest and clear the head. Chicago is not so excited, more relaxed and unhurried. He's like an old man experienced and full of dignity.

Its more calm here — no permanent feeling of chasing something. The city is covered with concrete skin of dark grey color. It flows from the pavement up on the sides of buildings and almost springs underfoot. Industrial, urbanized his soul is still burning in the great fire.

He is getting fun from driving a bustling iron train over the heads of pedestrians. The city is clean, almost sterile. He does not overflow you with colorful entertainment. He will offer just a couple of alternatives each of which is carefully calibrated and weighed.


Have a good day, MarrySav!)

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