Death Valley National Park, USA
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A little bit about the diversity of the desert: what to see in Death Valley

On the Google maps Death Valley looks like a big cream spot with crossing it almost invisible lonely road. One can think that a desert is the same monotonous in live. But the vast uninhabited fields may be very surprising.

As you move the valley changes its shades, its rhythm and construction. It's all the same stones, the same sand, but absolutely different. The only thing that remains unchanged is the dark roadway stubbornly wading through the dried lands. It gives a false sense of calmness and separation from the merciless wasteland outside of the window.


1.Dante's Peak

Turning from the main road and overcoming the rise with a slope of 15 degrees one can enjoy the view of the valley boiling in its own heat.



Here it’s already almost impossible to breath- lungs are filled with burning viscous substance. Surrounding the valley mountains are melting slowly flowing down in terracotta shapeless masses. The sun is even not in the zenith. And at the bottom of the hill there is a blurred blot of salt lake Badwater.



Being at 86 meters below the sea level can’t be called a pleasant pastime. The sun is at its zenith. Eyes are watering from the hot wind and the surrounding whiteness of dried salt reminding dirty snow.


Somewhere under this durable thick layer there are small springs running being deprived of the possibility to breathe the fresh air. They instantly poisoned with salt crystals that are eating their way down to the very molecules. And so the life-giving moisture turns into an unpleasantly smelling dirty liquid glistening in a small crater under the feet and symbolizing all the ruthlessness of the nature.


3. Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes

Sand dunes. Strange but in this desert they look quite unnatural as if a giant installation of a contemporary art. There are volunteers missing at the entrance who can distribute spatulas and buckets so that visitors can make a couple of mud pies in this huge sandbox.


It is impossible to resist the urgent desire to remove the shoes. Sand is not burning; it is pleasantly warming tired legs.

Wind trail as low as possible trying to scratch his whole body on the rough side of dunes.


He pulls millions of sand grains which are gently bombarding naked legs. And just before it reached the boundaries of the gentle slope this entire air masses move upward. Mixed with the dust they look like the smoke from the blazing fire. Even the desert can burn.


And soon desert heat will turn into the mountain chill of Yosemite national park)


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