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A little bit about the fire 2: how to burn the library

The spring months in Minsk turned out to be very busy in the events particularly with such a hot substance like fire as a co-star. First in line was the Night of Libraries.

Loitering in the halls of the Scientific Library of Belarus National Technical University people seemed to be just killing time while waiting for the most important show. Slowly people started to flow to the backyard where fire conquerors in the black robes were already doing preparations.

Shadows deepen, standing in a circle bowls are fired up with the flame lightening the boundaries of the scene and people hiding in the darkness and not daring to come closer. Woman comes in the middle almost merging with the shadows because of her clothes. Only the face and eyes are highlighted by the yellow light.

She is smiling gently and invites everyone closer calling not to fear her bright cub. The crowd comes alive and moves fearlessly forward closer to the heat. The artist playfully rules her ward drawingintricate hot patterns in the air . After a while she is being replaced by two youngsters.

They dance with their burning partner as if playing with their favorite animal. Cute boys, they smile at it and scratch behind the ear. The command «Bite» and the roaring flame like bright pillar is pulled out from the mouth of a cute boy.

Rambunctious animal requires more and more and breaking out from the hands and throat until finally shatters into millions of cold sparks having played enough until the next time.

Have a good day, MarrySav!)

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