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A little bit about the first time: how to dance on the pole

Knees hit shiver and it feels as if to make step the legs will not stand and buckle.

Look into the performing hall — audience is packed. Time — five minutes to five. Damn five minutes and you must act. Calm down. Sit down on the rug pretending to warm up. Maybe train again some basic tricks. Yeah, pole is cold, not a damn thing can hold on it. And what if there its going to be the same... stop and concentrate. Time? Wow, ten minutes past five. Better to begin now. People are already locked and loaded. Standing at the entrance next to half a kilometer high girls on the huge strips. Me barefoot on the tile. Maybe I should have been performing on them too? No, no, my life did not prepare me for that. Head coach says something about the strength of will, the camera. Presenting the performer. Ah, so that's why I am the first, then I'll shoot the rest. Well I can hold on that. Make a dance and you will be happily crawling and wiping the dust around the room trying to find the best angle to shoot. Think it was my name. That's it. Funny but knees are not shaking. Lean against the wall. Hands too do not tremble. Hall breaks with  already ingrained in the very essence melody. Relax, take your time. Muscles work in full force. Hmm, even in training wave was not so beautiful. Damn don’t rush. Okay, we'll do something nice still no one knows what should be there. Oh, ‘witch’ was good and the pole is cool but not slippery. Beautiful. So, what's next? Down, handspring and i am in the wrong direction. What the hell. Okay. How's the coach said, when you do a ‘cat’ look at the audience. Ops hair. Well I hope everyone understood where I was watching. Now the hardest part. Well, here again where are you hastening? Let’s make a couple of waves. Legs are going up. Well not very elegant but at least. Oh this T-shirt. I was shoving it into the panties because of that. Okay let’s crept booty up. One ‘cat’, two ‘cat’, ceiling,  ‘corner’. A bit of wave with the arms, finally tucked shirt. I hope it was not very noticeable. The most difficult thing. A flash of picture from the Internet — you will never do X-flag. Aha, can stay in it even a bit longer. Well now a bit of relaxation. Back upstairs, ‘lotus’, ‘some figure’, wave again. Oh, gorgeous, hands slide perfectly. Overrun, ‘cupid’, ‘dragon’. No, the leg fall! Calm down. Run quickly to the second pole music is already ahead. Here can relax a bit again. Suddenly there is no air in the lungs. Did not I breathe the last couple of minutes? Who cares. ‘Wheel’. Don’t hurt the knees, don’t hurt the knees . Excellent. Oyoyoy what’s next!? Okay, let's go this way. Hand is already burning to the tension. Just a little bit, be patient. Circle, coup, again upstairs. ‘Shrimp’ or ‘Djakonda’ or whatever it’s name is left. Breath. Hold. Good girl. Now some sliding on the floor. Come out of the hall, no time for the euphoria, grab the camera and run back.

Have a good day, MarrySav!)

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