Photo of Kotor bay
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A little bit about the fjords: a sea trip

Having observed the Kotor Bay from above one can try to approach it by another way — along the sea. But it must admitted that the views from the water were not so spectacular although of course were striking in their magnificence: a scattering of red roofs at the water's edge and going up backs of huge basalt whales concealing in a whitish haze of the bay corners.

But before swimming into the bay the boat is going along the shore in the open sea ... people love the sea in different ways — some for the warm sand and clear water, some for the water depth stratum and the ability to 'fly' over the reefs and shoals of fish, some for boundless glassy expanse and salty breeze in the face. And someone for standing on the edge of the ship where the sea is fiercely resisting rostrum of the boat by throwing the ship higher and higher up on its transparent flanks.

Sea responds to everyone who approaches it and gives time to think by engulfing in its depth, wrapping in a vacuum that absorbs all the sounds.

Photo of Kotor bay

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