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A little bit about the four eras: the Grand Canyon

In fact the whole journey across the United States meant only for one thing — to see the Grand Canyon. I do not remember exactly how I found out about it. Perhaps in some Hollywood film, perhaps saw the picture in some thick photo book, or maybe it is transmitted in the blood from my mother who is in love with westerns.


Where else these films about dark-skinned Indians with sharp cheekbones and harsh cowboys with weather-beaten faces could be shoot as if not in one of the deepest canyons of the world.

Today these movies are not distinguished by modern high-definition picture but because of that they become even more beautiful managing to save the unfathomable power and atmosphere of the Grand Canyon. Even the name has always been raising some kind of awe — full of dignity; its sound is gently rolling in the mouth. Not having even been in this place one can already feel the respect for the greatness of nature.


Over millions of years the Colorado River was making its way through the plains of the plateau increasingly blurring the huge 450 kilometers wide wound on the body of the Earth. Having squeezed into nearly 2 kilometers into the deep the water exposed layers of limestone, followed by shale and sandstone.


There are four geological eras of the Earth that can be seen on the weathered striped walls of the canyon. It is a frozen history and it does not fit in the head.

It's like to cut tree and count the rings. But that's no such tree even centenarians sequoias that have seen so much in their lifetime.



Grand Canyon is red as the Indians who are still living here. It extends from the bottom as a multi-level pyramid melting under the influence of erosion. The upper walls tower over the small valley below that has formed a new cleft — River still does not leave attempts to get to the very core of the Earth.


Monumental canyon is silent and constant as time itself. But this centuries-old silence makes it possible to slow down, sit down on the warm rocks and try to get to your own core.


Well the major pary of stories about America is over. Although there are still some national parks waiting it is time to slowly switch to other cities. And already this week we will return  again to Europe.

Have a good day, MarrySav!)

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