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A little bit about the hot friendship: the boy and the fire

If you can’t imagine your vacation without nightly dances and parties until the morning then you definitely should not go to the Koh Lipe island. Because the most stormy party here ends at 11 pm. At this time half of the island is already sleeping because the next day they will meet with the very dawn. Someone has morning yoga, someone jogs on still cool streets, and someone has scuba diving or even freediving. At 8 am the island is completely on its feet.


But this does not mean that there is absolutely no entertainment and this is a vacation for pensioners. It’s just that here people are more immersing into the nature and its pace rather than in the rhythms of modern trance. And they are very fond of fire.

Every evening the main beach of the island is brightened by the flames dancing in people’s hands. Someone arranges a whole show, someone just trains. And someone goes out to chat and frolic with his dangerous friend.


This boy by his looks was by no means a boy. But oh how the young man was behaving with a rustling fire, hoe his eyes were burning in the blinding flashes, how his feet crossed soft sand. No at that moment he was a 10-year-old boy playing with his beloved beast.


A brave kid without a drop of fear or doubt and a flaming fever were leading the conversation on an equal footing. They teased each other. Were looking for the boundaries. The beast bites the guy by the feet and immediately flies upwards from the heel punch. Makes a full turn over the head and starts dancing around the defenseless guy. The boy has fun and is no longer able to stop accelerating the hot element to speeds when the beast can swallow its own tail.

The speed is so great that the fire begins to dissolve in the already hot air. At such times it is impossible to think and the boy only follows his instincts.

They are honed with years of training but now he does not care where they came from. The boy turns out and gave himself completely to this dance. Every move, every step and turn, every cranked circle is as spontaneous as it is verified literally up to the very centimeter.


The third party joins. This man is confident in himself. His strength flows from the straight ridge into steady shoulders. It was he who polished every turn and twist of his legs all this years. He toughly trained a biting beast, taking on all his rage in order to protect the boy and his ease.



The man gently soothes the overexcited boy slowing down the firework around him. Movements become smooth and less cheeky. He calms down the ragged rhythm of flame heartbeat and it dissipates illuminating the face for the last time. Everyone is satisfied and the wide back dissolves in the sudden darkness of the beach.


And soon we will again return to Bangkok to the most important street)


Have a good day, MarrySav!)

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