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A little bit about the Kunstkammer: to get the whole world into 3 floors

I do not know why but every time Kunstkammer in St. Petersburg is being mentioned the brain starts obtrusively give association with the concentration camp. In Russian they are very alike in pronunciation. And if the embalmed in jars freaks can fit into such associations then the rest of the exhibits are under a big question.

But as usual the world gives you a gift when it is not expected. The museum turned out to be a small universe, a sort of visual encyclopedia of the world. The round dance of figurines, ornaments, masks and crafts drag you into their rapid flow not giving possibility to be distracted even for a second. They lead you through the halls, countries and continents not losing even a small piece of your attention.

Right now you are calling for rain with shamans from North America, in a second already fighting with the samurai from Japan. You go on feeling the crunch of sand of Africa underfoot and after sitting in the tent with the Mongolian nomads. And ahead India with sun-drenched costumes and decorations is waiting.

This is a universe of ferocious gods embraced in small bronze figures. This is a universe where every statue, embroidery or necklace carries a part of the whole nation. This is a universe where under each mask you feel squint of grinning eyes.

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